I wanted to talk about the advancements that have been made in area lights. LED area lights have replaced MH/HID vapour lights. Some of these benefits are much longer lifespan, runs much cooler, alot less costly to run, much less repairs and replacement, just to name a few. LED area lights are very popular and can be used in many applications such as parking lots, schools, parks, roadways, campuses, hotels, dealerships, etc.

There is always a fair amount of planning that needs to take place before installing LED area lights. Spacing for instance depends on how high the lights are going because the higher you go the more wattage you are going to need. You are also going to have to take in consideration how bright they can be and make sure it is to code. Every location is going to require different planning before ordering the proper LED area lights. Look at this general height installation guide for reference. I also highly recommend you purchase your LED area lights from a company that specializes in this kind of lighting and installation.

I have also included an HID to LED conversion table. This is a good general guide if your thinking of upgrading/replacing your out-of-date fixtures to LED. The table shows you the lumens required to replace your HID lighting to LED lighting.

Remember you can use a brighter LED fixture if required for your application. You always need to assess each location and pay close attention to what it is you are trying to light and if it is outside make sure it’s going to be to code. Municipalities are paying close attention to outdoor LED lighting now as they don’t want them to be to bright.

LED area lights come with a variety of mounts for installation. They also can come with different sensors which in return gives you much better control over your lighting needs. You also want to pay attention to the warranty and proper certifications in case you will be applying for rebates. I have attached a spec sheet for reference, just click on the more info button.

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